Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Tamales

First off, this posting more promise is hard!!I am going to start posting email forwards soon just to up the post count. Its going to be all people of Walmart here before you know it.
We had a great Christmas. While Sara and I missed the big Pereda Christmas eve, due to ice and snow in Texas (crazy weather!!) it was just as fun keeping it low key. In preparation for Christmas, we did two rounds of tamale making. The first tamale making session was more of a tutorial for our tamale novices. John and Brenda hosted WLIT and it turn into a Italian/Mexican cooking class as Luciano finished a lasagna that he had started at home. While we ate Sara and Brenda led the ladies in the process of tamale making. The fellas kept to the kitchen and only took over spreading the masa when the it was brought over to us to do.
The next tamale making session took place at Ray and Kim's the Wednesday before Christmas. Watching the family make tamales reminds me of a nascar race. Its fast, everyone has a job that that have to do, and there is always the danger of being hit by a tire.

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LMC said...

Looks like great family fun! :)