Monday, September 27, 2010

Adventures in the Underground

When we bought our house, the most we had seen of the crawl space was what we could see through the vents in the skirt. that wasn't much. I wanted to know about the condition of our crawl space but I didn't want to discover a pack of beavers under our house either. So, as with many great dilemmas it was out of sight, so I kept it out of mind.

However, I knew the day would come when I would venture into the nether regions of College and Maddox to discover what treasures dwelt there. As we fast approach the end of this round of renovations, JP and I took it upon ourselves to put some big holes in the floor. The first was to gain access to the mysteries that sat below our house. So as I stood in that closet (there is a joke there I just know it), and basked in the stall; slightly damp air that rose out of the imperfect square I had just cut in the floor, I knew that worst thing that could happen is that I would get stuck. I quickly realized how horrible that would be, put that thought aside and got down the hole. JP took pics so as to memorialize the moment. No buried treasure, no attack beavers; just trash. Oh, and massive amounts of concrete.

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