Wednesday, January 18, 2012

College Ave Party

    College Avenue is a little sad right now. We are losing some dear friends to bigger and better things. Sophie and Jarrod are moving on. They joined a circus. Wait, what was that, oh I'm sorry. They are moving to California. I make that mistake often.

  Seriously, we are all  sad that our friends are moving on, but we know they will always be friends. This also gives us a great excuse to head out west.  So, to show our friend that we will miss them, we had a party. 

 Another good thing that came from this party. I realized that I do not know how to use our camera.  Also, my habit of not announcing that I am about to take a picture does not always get the best result.

  In all seriousness, we will miss our friends. We love our street because we know our neighbors. The shared experience of living on College Avenue is something that will bond us to each other forever. Thank you Jarrod and Sophie for being such good neighbors and such great friends.  


sophie said...

thanks for such a great night! and thanks for not posting the picture of me in mid sneeze. love you guys!

Anonymous said...

That was an amazing party, we canot thank you guys enough. Also, the chocolate flan was almost enough to make us stay.

Seriously, you guys have been awesome neighbors. Thanks for making College Ave a great place to call home.

Anonymous said...

If all it takes is chocolate flan, I will keep it coming so that you all stay :)