Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pereda Family Pics - 2012

Hi all!  So, as usual, it's been way too long in between posts!  We've had a lot going on - between work, half marathon training in the heat, adopting a third dog and finishing a couple of home projects (in particular - a brick walkway/patio in the backyard).  It's been a fun, busy year so far!  Well - Sean will write more soon, but here are the wonderful photos that my dear friend and running buddy, Kari Crowe, took recently of our family!  It was also the point at which we decided Lily was clearly a member of the family - and doesn't she look happy about it!?!? :)

Enjoy the fun family pics!  I know that we sure do!


College and Maddox said...

There are too many favorites to even pick one!!!

LMC said...

Beautiful family! :) and where in the world did three grand kids come from?? lol, time passes so quickly.