Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fairmount Christmas Party

Every year, the Fairmount Neighborhood Association throws a Holiday party for all of its members. It is a chance to end the year in good cheer with neighbors and friends and just have some fun. Fairmount is often knee deep in serious issues where there are nothing but strong opinions being batted around. So, its nice to get together; have a drink, and enjoy each's other's company as friends.  This year was no exception.  
    I often think that I have more fun preparing for party than I do at the actual event. That is especially true for neighborhood events. I love our neighborhood and I think much of my love for Fairmount comes from my neighbors willingness to pitch in and help. Look at these pictures and you will see people helping out, having a good time, often a really good time, and doing it just because someone asked. That attitude builds friendships and makes this all the more fun.  
     So in the Fairmount spirit of doing it yourself, we smoked turkeys. Not only did we smoke turkeys, but because we love to get the word out, we smoked those turkeys right on Magnolia Avenue on a Saturday morning. I must have counted  fifty vehicles that slowed down to watch us work. Another two dozen people stopped and asked us what the heck we were doing. I think the pictures tell the story the best. 

I like to take on the jobs that no one would really want to volunteer for when we do Fairmount activities. I think this picture sums that up nicely.  

The party was great success. Thanks to everyone who helped put it on. It takes a small army of volunteers to  get all the parts together to have a successful event and we are very lucky to have such dedicated volunteers that make it happen. Merry Christmas.

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