Sunday, November 2, 2008

We're a little late with this one

I know, I know, we took a little siesta and forgot to add anything for a couple of weeks. But we're back and brought pics!
Jeez, what haven't we've done in the last couple of weeks. We've been to a traditional Indian wedding, chauffeured Pauline and Raymond to a huge concert in Dallas, had someone bust out the window on the talon, and saw a elderly woman drive on the wrong side of the street. And that was just one weekend!
First off, we are adding some color to the Lynch Homestead. What started out as a one room project, our bedroom for Sara's birthday, has turned into our entire house. So now instead of apartment white walls with smudges and fingerprints (what can I say, I have dirty fingers) we have color everywhere.
We also have ceiling fans! John was kind enough to teach me how to wire the fans in. In turn, I was nice enough to change the code on the remote to the fan and not tell anyone. When did ceiling fans start coming with remotes?
Also, two weeks ago, Sara, Chris, and Jennifer went to the A&M and Texas Tech game. College Station was awesome. Tech won, just like they did last night, with authority and we had a fun time in Austin.
Finally, little DP finally crawled!! Forward!! on his own!! The little guy finally got over that last obstacle, which was his own leg, and is on the move. So, that is the quick skinny on us. Have a happy voting day.


Mat said...

Just to clarify, I was not the elderly woman driving down the wrong side of the road :-) Grandma B

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