Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend and then some,

Lets just start with one of my favorite recent pictures

Wow, Do not let anyone tell you it is easy to update and keep a blog. First, you have to actually do something worth writing about. That can be hard to come by sometimes. However, here at College and Maddox, we wait long enough between posts to build up a library of stuff. If we didn't there would be a lot of blogs about groceries and our favorite TV shows. Maybe your favorite TV shows too.
First off, I'm old. This year I turned 28 which is much closer to thirty than twenty, a fact I am very aware of now . Despite my advanced age we still had time to party it up with everyone. It is always fun to watch people who didn't know each other before they arrived enjoy themselves. Plus, I really love the front yard party. It's a specialty of Fairmount.

I hope you noticed the new paint in our living room and Kitchen. Also here, is my second favorite picture from the last few weeks

Here is Little Dami in a bucket. Everything that kid does is cute. Just sitting in a bucket is cute when he does it.

There will definitely be more to come this week. Have fun

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