Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's already December!!!

Hi everyone...we figured after the drought in posts, we would make sure to post a few in a row. Our home has been changing quite a bit in the last few weeks. We now have a gorgeous, handmade table base for our pretty glass table. We also have a 7 foot noble fir Christmas tree - and it's all decorated now! We went to pick it up in our Scion...we brought Atticus with us...and amazingly enough all three of us and the tree got home just fine (Atticus did have to sit on my lap.) We've painted a few rooms (living room, master bedroom, and hallway.) Everything is really continuing to shape up!
Outside is shaping up too. I did have to tear out my flower beds and I'll be starting over on those, but Sean planted 4 trees - and my parents just gave us two big trees for our birthdays, so we'll be planting those soon too!!!

With all of the improvements to our home, we still have found time to go to a really fun wine pairing last night at Taverna. My parents invited us, Megan, Kevin, Mat, Anna, Damian, Kyle and Crystal. We all had such a great time...and learned a lot too. I really didn't like one of the wines when I tried it alone, but with the lobster ravioli, it was really quite nice. That's the whole point of a wine pairing - to realize how a wine can change when paired with food :)

Atticus always keeps us laughing - tonight we went to Target to do some grocery shopping and while we were gone, Atticus decided that he wanted to eat the tempeh (soy) that I had marinating on the counter... I guess he figured that he hears me talking so much about the benefits of soy - he wanted in on the action. :)

So - we finished decorating our tree tonight. We'll post the finalized pic tomorrow, but I have put the interim picture up for now. We actually had to get more lights tonight, because our tree last year was only 5 feet tall. With such tall ceilings, we figured we could definitely have a bigger tree! :) I love it :)

Well, that's all for now!!! This is a little late for Thanksgiving, but we want to let you all know that we are so thankful for each of you all!

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Anonymous said...

Enjoying the progress on your place. It's looking great!

--Kevin Buchanan
Fort Worthology