Saturday, January 10, 2009

Delicious Restaurant!!!

We went to a delicious restaurant with Mom, Dad, Mat, Anna, Meg, Kevin, Dami and Joseph's called Celaborelle's.
This is a place my Mom has wanted to try for years, and we finally did. Thank goodness, because it was great - we will definitely go back soon!

It's a buffet, and although I am normally very anti-buffet, this was delicious. For starters, we had a big group so when we arrived they told us that we could order any of the items off of the menu that we would like and it would be included in the buffet price. Some of the favorites at our table where the homemade falafel, the spinach pizza, the beef kebabs and the chicken kebabs. The tabouli was also fantastic. All in all, everyone loved the place. It is located in an old house and the people who work there are so hospitable. I really loved it, can you tell? I can't believe that I haven't mentioned the baklava - "This is the best baklava I've ever tried," is a quote from my Mom.

Meg and Kev have pics from the restaurant, so we'll have to add some soon :)

I worked on our yard all day long, so at least I got a good workout in before such a yummy dinner. My goal for our yard is to be the "Yard of the Month" in our neighborhood newsletter before July/August timeframe....I'll keep you posted on that.

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