Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy NEW YEAR!!!

Wow - it's already 2009! I know, I know - it's been 2009 for 5 days already, but I guess I am a little slow! Anyways, things have been busy at our house. We have two new trees - Sean, Dad, Mat and Kevin planted trees - one on Christmas Day and one on New Years Day.

In the background you can even see our new retaining wall (isn't it awesome?) and my herb garden and new plants! I am just getting so excited!!!!

During the whole tree planting process, Mom, Meg, Dami and I stayed busy straightening up other areas outside - we even introduce Dami to his first shovel!

On the weekend after Christmas, Sean and I took a fabulous trip down to Austin (thanks to Megan and Kevin!) We had a wonderful time - we stayed on Lake Travis, went to shop on South Congress, ate at Ranch 616 and relaxed. I'll post pics of that soon too.

We wish everyone a wonderful, happy, healthy, blessed 2009!


Kevin and Megan said...

Is Sean trying to pole dance on the tree?

College and Maddox said...

LOL! I better keep an eye on him!