Monday, March 16, 2009

Guess who?

Wow - I guess it takes me being sick for us to catch up on our blog posting. I had to go home from work after lunch today sick and I've been sleeping/resting ever since. So - everyone....take a guess what famous singer my Mom and I took our picture with on Valentine's Day! It's blurry, but I guess that makes the guessing more interesting. A couple of clues are that he played at the Democratic National Convention, he lives in Austin and he played in Fort Worth, TX on Valentine's Day! Dad, Mom, Sean and I got to enjoy the awesome concert and had a great time!!!


College and Maddox said...

Won't anyone make one guess...just to humor me :):)?

Mom said...

Can I guess? I think that I know :-)

College and Maddox said...

I love you Mom! :)

Anonymous said...

Alejandro Escovedo.
Ok so what do we win?
Checking in on Vince and glanced at your site.
love from sylvia

College and Maddox said...


You're totally the winner!!!!

Ding, ding, ding!!!

BTW - we always get so many fabulous compliments on your painting (it's above our fireplace!)