Monday, March 16, 2009

Two posts in one day!?!?!

I can't remember if Sean and I posted about our "road trip" to Austin after Christmas. Yes, I realize that was already 3 months ago, but time flies!

We took a weekend trip to Austin, thanks to Megan and Kevin. They won the trip on a Austin Tourism website, and we had so much fun! Thank you Meg and Kev (and Dami)!!!!

More recently, Atticus has started "Good Citizen Training." He has his 3rd of 8 classes tomorrow night. It is going really well and he is just so smart. He did sneak out of his collar last week to try to get the trainer's attention, but I think it's because he's used to being an only dog - he sure does love his grand-dog Nutmeg though. A couple of weeks ago Atticus had his first sleepover at our house. My friend and co-worker, Sarah went out of town and we watched her chocolate Cocker Spaniel, Duke.
Here we are relaxing on the couch.

And now - our home projects! We have been pretty busy....painting the bathroom, the office, killing weeds in the backyard and recycling brick to prepare to build our driveway. Look at this cute painter - Sean was working hard - and it looks great! We did an accent wall in red and the other three walls are chocolate brown.

Last week, Kristen came into town, so we had a fun night to catch up at one of Sean and my fave restaurant's, Nonna Tata's!

We also got to see Anna and Michael and their dog Aubrey on Saturday. We enjoyed getting to catch up with them! We hadn't seen each other since Laura's wedding this past June! We got to show them our progress on our house and then went to a local restaurant.

We finished off the weekend with a fabulous dinner at my parents' house with Mom, Dad, Grandma Pauline, Grandpa Ramon, Anna, Megan, Kevin, Damian and Sean! What a fun Sunday night. I guess we haven't uploaded the pics yet - we'll add them soon. :)

Well, I think I'm off to bed - I need to get better!

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