Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tech Turf and Other New Developments

We've had a lot going on since our last post and we're tying to catch up. First thing first, we are in the early stages of an actual backyard. Many of you know that our backyard has looked more like the dust bowl than a yard. To rectify that, we planted Tech Turf, a hybrid of buffalo grass and turf grass that is sturdy and low maintenance. It also doesn't have a running game and is easily walked all over by Oklahoma, thus making it the best grass for us.
It is not the easiest grass to plant. Tech Turf comes in little plugs that you plant individually. The closer you plant them, the quicker you get a yard. Even with our small yard, it took over 600 plugs to cover it.
Prior to planting the turf, the yard had to be tilled and mixed with compost. You can't tell from the picture, but that tiller is kicking my ass. It just shook and shook and rattled my entire body. It was unrelenting. But tilling the yard was essential and made planting the plugs a thousand times easier than it would have been had we not tilled the soil. It also proved that I could never be a farmer.
The grass is in and after the rain this past week, it is looking good. We'll keep everyone updated on how green our grass grows.

The other big news is Atticus decided we needed a new window. During Art Goggle three weeks ago, Atticus decided he didn't like the window in the office and took matters into his own paws. Friends called us, fearing our house had been broken into, and we rushed home. It turns out Atticus broke the window out. Once we figured out Atticus hadn't tried to burglarize us, we called a local contractor, Joe Massey, and went about getting a window that actually opens put in.
As you can see the guys who came over to remove the window and then put the new one in, loved having their picture taken.

So now we have a window that opens and closes. That is a big step for us. Eventually, cross your fingers, all our windows will do the same thing.

And because I do like to take pics, here are just a bunch of recent pictures. There is a sneak peek of a future project in the third picture and the always cute Katie Claire.


College and Maddox said...

Any guesses as to what our next project might be!?!?!?

Tim said...

Ross and Damien look strangely similar.