Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We will be signing autographs!!!

Yes - it is true....we have a mini celebrity in the Lynch household! Atticus Pereda Lynch is an AKC certified Good Citizen. We even have the papers to prove it. He didn't make it totally easy. He made us sweat a little bit, but then ended up passing with flying colors!

Daisy White, Atticus' black lab girlfriend also passed with flying colors, so Christen, Tyler, Sean and I decided to go to Fuzzy's Tacos to celebrate!

We totally forgot our camera for the test, so hopefully we'll get a copy of the school's pictures - if so, we'll post them soon (b/c hopefully you are as enamored with our cute pup as we are!)

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College and Maddox said...

Nutmeg would have passed with flying colors too - don't worry!!!