Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our Menu and Where we'll be eating

Before we get to our new kickass kitchen island and what we'll eat on it, I thought I'd share a little life lesson. Today, I had a Dentist's appointment. As I got out of my freshly washed, waxed, and dejunked Talon (For Sale Right Now), A Domino's Pizza Delivery guy pulled up. I could smell the cheese and tomato sauce as I walked in. Delivery Guy walked in right behind me and while I signed in at the front desk, he strolled past the receptionist with a nod and a smile. Pizza fumes wafted through the office as the hygienist showed me to the chair and she got her gear ready.
So, what is the point to this? Well, the hygienist barely applied the Novocaine before the Dentist stuck my gums with the needle. It hurt. It hurt enough for me garble, "ahh, that hurt." My Dentist just smiled and said "Alright, you'll good to go." I imagine he was in a hurry chow down before someone ate all his cheese pizza. The hygenist was also speedy in her work. Later on, in the afternoon, it felt like someone punched each of my teeth individually with a tiny fist. It goes to show you that just like in college, no matter who you are, you will not be able to compete with free pizza.
Anyway, back to our island. It fits in perfectly in our kitchen and will definitely help us with keeping the kitchen decluttered. The best part was it only took twenty minutes to put together and I did it all with just my pinky finger. Or it took way longer than I'll admit and I was left with way too many extra screws. Either way it's great to have.

And if anyone is curious about what exactly we are eating on that kitchen island, here is our menu for the next couple of weeks. If you want to come on meatloaf night, you better let us know early.


Miss M said...

Looks great! I love the blue walls and the floor combo, so classic.

Kevin and Megan said...

The island looks perfect!

College and Maddox said...

Thanks!!! We love it too! :):)

Eldre said...

Can I come to dinner soon?

College and Maddox said...

Aunt Eldre! We've been waiting for you to come to dinner....just pick a day! :)