Wednesday, September 30, 2009


In the last 3 weeks, the meat consumption has drastically decreased in the Lynch household. With our marathon (not until 2010) and half marathon training (in 2009) - I decided that I wanted to try to get really healthy and had been toying with the idea of becoming a vegetarian for quite a while. I was inspired by the book "Skinny Bi&@H"

I made the jump and have now been a vegetarian for 3 weeks. A friend has said that once I've been vegetarian for 6 months, I'll be official and she'll take the quotations off of it....

Tonight was a true test, b/c I went to a work dinner at Grace - a great steakhouse in Fort Worth. With the nickname "Cowtown," Fort Worth can sometimes be challenging for a new vegetarian, but tonight at dinner I had a great salad and homemade ravioli with mushrooms. Yum!

What foods do you think I will miss most as a vegetarian???

Since I didn't have a fitting pic to put up, I thought I'd add a cute one of Dami eating birthday cake.

Running update: Sean, Zach (our neighbor), Zach and I are progressing on our training. We have an 8 mile run on Saturday and we are now trying to improve our time. Tempo running - here we come!

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Miss M said...

You guys are going to be speed demons! You guys are going to kick butt in December.

I think you will miss swedish meatballs the most, but maybe you can just pour gravy over riced potatoes and lefse:) Now I am hungry. Good luck!