Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Austin's Best Handshake

Two weeks ago, Sara and I drove down to Austin for Samantha and Robert's wedding. We survived the rain and the traffic on 35 made into Austin on Friday afternoon just in time for Sara to get a pedy with the girls and for me to find our hotel and check in. The Holiday Inn was full of UT fans in town for the game and just about everywhere we went we swam through seas of burnt orange. But, we did get the chance to check out two very Austin restaurants.
First off, Casino El Camino did not make the best first impression. Sara and I had to slip past a drunk hipster who the bartender wouldn't let in. The hipster was too drunk to stand straight or speak full sentences, but he knew he wanted in. Casino El Camino is decorated like Halloween. Its all gargoyles, black lights and rockabilly. But, at the end of this dark hole is a bright white light, coming straight from the kitchen. Its the cleanest, most well lit kitchen I've ever seen. I think they keep it that way to make sure we know our food isn't coming from some dark dank alley behind the bar.
The food was good. I loved my burger and the fries were some of the best I've ever had. Sara was excited about her veggie burger, but disappointed by the stale bun. She did have the best Bloody Mary she's every had. it came stuffed with celery, pickled okra, asparagus, and olives. It looked like a flower arrangement.
Our next stop was the next morning at Juan in a Million. We had just enough time to stop in for a bite before the craziness of the wedding. Sara and were suppose to take a run, but I forgot to bring shorts and instead we did a four mile walk/run. I wore jeans and tried not to look at silly. Juan's would fit right in around Fort Worth. Packed to the rafters with UT fans filling up before tailgating, Juan's was hopping. The Don Juan is their signature dish. Sara got that while I ordered the Migas. I am kicking myself still for not getting the Don Juan.
The owner, Juan, was voted the best handshake in Austin. He rares back and clamps on to you like a pitbull. Sure enough, when we got up to pay, Juan put the squeeze on me.
While our stops at Austin's local hot spots were great they were not our only reason for being in Austin. We had a wedding to get to.
The wedding was great. The weather held out and the night was lovely. Everyone could tell how happy the bride and groom were which made the whole night all the more fun. It was a busy weekend that sped by. Can't wait to get back down to Austin.


laura marie said...

sounds like ya'll had a great weekend! however, excuse me? where's the main highlight? lunch w/us? hehe. just teasin' ya! =)

College and Maddox said...

Lol - don't worry, we have more to add about the whole wknd....and lunch details will be included! ( too bad we didn't get a pic!)