Sunday, November 8, 2009

What's happening?!?

It's been a busy, fun filled couple of weeks at our house. I can't believe that it's already November! In October, we got to be a part of Sam and Robert's beautiful wedding - what a great event and we are so happy for the wonderful couple!

This weekend I got to go to Austin to celebrate at our neighbor's baby shower. It was so cute - a nautical theme, and I can't wait for Luke to make his debut! We are hoping to get some baby-sitting in! Veg Foodie and her hubby (our neighbors) made the road trip with was a blast...two stops at Starbucks, one at the outlet mall, and we made it home in one piece. It was a lot of fun.

While in Austin, I got to see one of my best friends, Laura! She bought a new house this year, so she gave me the grand tour - it was awesome! I completely forgot to take pics, but trust me, it's really nice! For breakfast this morning, Laura, her husband, Adam, Christen, Tyler and I met at Juan in a Million - the fabulous breakfast spot that Sean and I went to a few weeks ago. Just as fun this time.

While I was off playing in Austin, Sean was busy at home - he's working on a flagstone walkways with stone stairs up to our front porch. It's going to be so nice. We were both so excited that we were able to have Jose and his great crew come out to cut down two of our trees (trash-trees). They were not doing so well and covered with Mistletoe, so we were excited for them to come down in a safe manner and not in a storm!

Here's how open the side of our house looks now! So excited about all of the home improvement projects that this opens up :) Busy...busy!

I know this post has been all over the place, but we're trying to catch up from being so lax in posting lately. We will try to post more frequently! Sean and I just signed up for the NYC Marathon lottery with our neighborhood running pals. Hopefully we all get in! Cousin M has been a good inspiration for us :)

Also - it's been over a week since we got to celebrate my bday - my parents treated us to a wonderful dinner at Paco & John's (one of my fave, new restaurants!) I had a great time with my family and I'm looking forward to what the next year has in store! I can't find a picture of all of us at dinner, I think they're on my Dad's phone - so I'll end this post with a sweet picture of Atticus.

Happy November everyone!!!


laura marie said...

sara, it was SO great seeing you! i can't wait 'til next time!!!

LMC said...

awww, Atticus :) Sounds like you've been busy. Miss you - could use some good Mexican food! Too bad Fort Worth isn't closer ;).