Monday, September 15, 2008

The addition to our Lynch Family!

I know that what you all really want to hear about is our sweet, chocolate lab - Atticus...he has brought Sean and me so much joy in just the short month that we have had him! We have also gotten much closer to our vet - we've visited him 5 times in the last month! On our most recent visit we found out that poor Atticus had hookworms :( Poor thing...but he has medicine, and is all better now.

Here are some of Atticus' fave things:
  • His grand-dog, Nutmeg
  • Going for walks around the neighborhood
  • Looking out the front window....
  • And - last, but not least....jumping like a pogo stick to greet us when we get home!!
He is so sweet - I can't wait for everyone to meet him!


Kevin and Megan said...

What a cute dog-nephew!

Jimmy and Kelley said...

what a cute dog!!! they are so much fun! congrats on your house! you'll love it!