Sunday, September 21, 2008

What's New?!?!

We've had a busy few days.....first - here are the pictures of our cute shrubs! :)

Here's a wrap-up of our weekend - on Friday night, we went to the Rangers game with Sean's was a lot of fun! The weather was perfect for a baseball game and it was fun to meet all of Sean's co-workers. Atticus had the most fun though, b/c he went to hang out with my Mom and Nutmeg.....he and Nutmeg were home along for a little while - so Atticus decided to eat a whole bag of whole wheat tortillas from Central Market - doesn't he have such good taste?

Then on Saturday, I had to finish some work...but we did make time to take Atticus to the dog park...he had a great time - I think he wants Sean to campaign for him to be the Mayor of "Fort Woof" -
We stopped at Meg, Kev and Dami's on the way to the dog park - look at this cute picture of them on their porch!

I guess I'm not writing in chronological order, but here is a picture of Kristen, Atticus and I...she was in town for a couple of days for work - so it was such a blast to get to see her - we went to a fabulous restaurant right near our house (w/in walking distance) - Yucatan Taco Stand. Then we came home and Sean and Atticus got back from having dinner at my parents' house... of course we had to taste-test some of our wine from Sonoma/Napa...yum! Here's a pic of us in the really huge 12-passenger van that Kristen had to drive (quite a change from her Mini Cooper!)

Here are a couple of pictures from today at my parents house....Sean said that Atticus and Nutmeg were "dancing cheek to cheek...."
Look at how cute Damian is - his teeth are growing in so fast!!!

Mom and Anna came over for a delicious dinner made by Sean - gorgonzola and spinach stuffed chicken, brocolli and mashed potatoes...yummy!

Sean's going to write more tomorrow about our trip to the Gospel brunch at the House of Blues in Dallas....and don't worry - his post will be funny...hope mine isn't too boring :)

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