Monday, September 29, 2008

Fencing Us In

Look at this!! That is a Fence!! Well, it's an almost finished fence but its still a fence ( A fence, mind you, that will be done by the time you actually see it in person). There is no more tree/chain link fence monster marauding all over our yard. That there is an actual fence. It's something to behold after all the work that's gone into it.
Someone told us that every project we take on will take twice as long and cost twice as much. While this hasn't been quite true for us, there is a big grain of kosher salt in that statement.
To build this fence we have dug out enough concrete to build a skate park. We have found everything but oil buried in our yard (and if we did find oil we are not telling anyone). We clear cut our back yard like a brazilian rain forest to make room for the fence and still pulled roots the size of baseball bats out of the ground and our way. I think we found an actual baseball bat. Take a look at how this project has progressed.

Bill the Tree Guy took out all the trash trees that had taken over our backyard.

After he cleared out the backyard we got to work. The first night Johns and I thought we'd knock out 10 or 11 post holes before the end of happy hour. We got one hole almost dug. One, that's it. We'd dug out an inch at a time. Tim Robbins in The Shawshank Redemption dug faster than we were. You'd think we were using plastic spoons. That was when the scope and size of this undertaking became terribly clear. It was going to bust, at the very least, my ass.

That guy there, in the blue, who is working while I just sweat. That is AC. He saved me from having to dig everyone of those post holes by myself. If that had happened We'd have 8 Ft of fence and it wouldn't be in our yard or in a straight line.

As you can see everyone had their special jobs. Grandma B had to keep Damian from running out into the yard and making us look bad with his brute strength. I made sure there was enough sweat in every picture. Mat and John made sure it looked effortless

We did so much work on this project that it requires two posts. Plus I'm tired. So take a peek at what else we did.

Thanks to everyone, it looks AWESOME and is making our house even more of a home!


Anonymous said...

Sara & Sean,
Chris & I can TOTALLY relate to the sheer joy you get from completing a home improvement project like building a fence. We were crazy enough to spend a week-long vacation painting the exterior of our house 3 yrs ago! Welcome to the "joys" of home ownership! But I will say this, Mom & Dad were right about it meaning more when it's your own home.

Luv, Jen & Chris

Kevin and Megan said...

That is a good looking fence!

Brenda Pereda said...

Sorry to correct you, but that's my job ;-) This isn't just a fence, it's a lifesaving tornado-proof fence. You'll just need to borrow Mat's rock climbing harnesses so that you won't fly away. Be sure to get one for Atticus--I noticed that my goddog wasn't mentioned because of the excitement of the new fence. I think his feelings are hurt....