Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cooking with Jason

it feels a little like a hostel at College and Maddox recently with all our friends travlin' through town. We must be the fun couple to visit because our friend Jason stopped by for a night right after Lean departed.
Jason is a medical supply salesmen and was down our way for a meet and greet in Dallas and a couple of meetings with Doctors in Wichita Falls. Every time he's there he tells me he's going to stop by and I always wonder if realizes how freakin' far away Wichita Falls is. It's not like going to the Eastside of Funky town. It's so far away you need a sherpa and pesos.
Anyways, my buddy is in town and forces me to go and show him around a little bit. I reluctantly leave the exciting affairs of the AG's office and take him to the most touristy thing I could think of; The Stockyards.

Our first stop was the Love Shack. I like the Shack. While Sara will tell you that it pales in comparison to Kincaid's and Dutch's (Which are both great), I am a fan. Maybe its the beer garden decor or the fact you can get roadies (beers to go) to quench your thirst as you wander around the Wild Westness of the Stockyards, but I'm a fan.I tried to talk Jason into the Dirty Love Burger, but he opted for their normal hamburger and thought it was on par with Fred's (We hit up Fred's on his last visit). Not great, but a good burger nonetheless. We then proceeded to discuss in depth the current social and economic problems that have plague our country and the solutions we've detailed elsewhere to combat these grave issues.........

Or, we went to the White Elephant Saloon and drank some beer. However, our day time drinking did produce one fantastic idea; grilling.
Jason is an amateur BBQ enthusiast who will be making his professional debut sometime this year. Sara and I got a sneak peek at our friend in action as he whipped together steaks and veggies using his own recipes and, of course, our "swinging meat" grill.

He whipped together shrimp wrapped in bacon, stuffed with pineapple and his own spicy cream cheese filling. We did bacon wrapped peppers, drilled asparagus, squash and zucchini. Our main course were fat T-bones marinated in his own concoction. It was so much fun to watch him do his recipes and then eat! It was a little like our own cooking school. I think Sara will tell you besides the delicious food, catching up with an old friend, her favorite part of the evening was not having to wash all the dishes we used dirtied up creating this feast.

We've been so lucky to have friends like Jason and Lena. Time may pass and things change, but good friendship do not. Now Sara and I have to return the favor and start making plans for some mini vacations out to Oklahoma and Singapore. Well, Singapore won't be a mini vacation, but you know what I mean.

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College and Maddox said...

This should be a new cooking show!!!! Food Network - here comes Sean and Jason!