Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sooner Longhorn Construction

I thought I'd take a break from my day job breaking bricks to give ya'll a little report on our latest addition.
Do you ever look at DIY network or watch HGTV and think to yourself, "that looks easy." We did. We decided that our code defying pergola wasn't enough. We needed flagstone. Somewhere to sit so we don't muss up the beautiful turfalo.
There were only four steps. Four small steps to our very own flagstone patio. It seemed easy enough. First, clear out the area you want to set the flagstone in of all grass and other materials to create a clean work area. Dig four inches into the ground to insure a solid base. Four inches doesn't seem like much, but we ended up taking out a yard of dirt.

The next step is filling the area with sand and decompose granite. This provides the base in which the stones will set. It also makes your truck look like this

So, we took all that dirt out, wheel barrel load by wheel barrel load and then fill it in again

Zach and I left the truly important job to Sara. She created the pattern and placed each stone right in the perfect spot.

The final step is watering the entire area down to allow the granite to adhere to itself and keep everything in place. Easy enough, but it took a whole day and much sweat. Zach was awesome enough to work for tacos and beer too.


Jennifer said...

Looks awesome guys! Can't wait to see it in person at Atticus's b-day party. Great idea to have a neighborhood assoc happy hour - we might have to crash yours next month!

College and Maddox said...

THANKS!!! We can't wait to have you over on Saturday!!!

LMC said...

Hats off to you both!! It looks awesome and the grass is looking pretty full and green as well ;). It made me tired just looking at your pics.

Aubrey said...

Wonderful! I love it! It is so awesome that you guys did that together.