Saturday, August 1, 2009

LMC in the House! :)

So, I'm late in posting this...but Sean and I had a great friend visit us two weeks was my world-traveler friend, Lena. She is about to move to Singapore in a couple of weeks for work, so we got to see her before she leaves. Sean and I have also started planning our trip to Singapore to visit her, which will be very exciting!!!

We started the trip off with a trip to Sprinkles (the cupcake place) - they were quite much so, that I guess we never even got a pic!

The whole weekend flew by of course, but it was so much fun! Lena is my traveling partner - she and I met while we were in space and have been friends ever since.

On Saturday night we went to a Fort Worth Cats game. I know, I know....a baseball game in TX in July? Are we crazy? Well, yes...but we did actually have great weather!

We met Jen, Chris and Yaya at the game and had a great time...I just wish I had taken a picture of Sean with his delicious sno-cone.....he was a happy guy!

When we got back from the game, we "porched" on the front porch and watched some of the goings-on in the neighborhood....never a dull moment in Fairmount!

Lena also helped me to pick out the newest addition to our furniture collection. Sean has dubbed it "The Lion, the Lynch's and the Wardrobe"...he might write a book about it soon :)

We found it an awesome garage sale on Elizabeth's the house we bought it from...this doesn't really do it justice, but the street is full of gorgeous 1920's mansions. This one was for sale, but it has already sold. Anyways, the couple that was selling it was moving to a modern house and wanted to sell all of their antiques. They were hoping to keep the wardrobe, but it didn't fit in their new bedroom - so we were so excited to add it to our bedroom!!! We need all of the closet space we can get in our old house!

Well, Sean and I have been really productive today. We've done a neighborhood street clean-up, a jog with Atticus, mowed the yard and found a new breakfast taco place - La Original Zacatecas. I still have some work to do before dinner tonight at my parents. Have a good Saturday! We'll write more soon!


College and Maddox said...

By "space" - I really meant that Lena and I met in Spain....ooops...I guess I'm tired!

laura marie said...

hehe! sara, looks like ya'll had a lot of fun! i wish i would have been with ya'll!