Monday, June 8, 2009

I Don't Know if this is Tall Enough

Meet the new addition to our home, our new pergola. Well what is a pergola you may ask? Well, it's, it's that thing right up there. It provides no shelter from rain or wind and sunlight will shine right through the slates of the roof (once we put them on)so it offers minimal shade.
So why did we build it? Because it looks cool. Because it defines the area around it and creates entertaining space out of what was just yard. The pergola is the next step in putting Sara's and my personality into our house. Here some pictures of John and I at work at it. Just like all of our projects, it involved digging.
In case anyone is reading this and wonders if we needed a permit or should have gone through the bureaucratic process that is sometimes necessary in historical neighborhoods such as ours. Remember this; that is a bounce house!

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